In December 1995 my pastor challenged the congregation to read through the Word of God in one year. God began asking me to read His Word daily. I had many excuses why I could not do it.

“God the pastor is talking to the other people not me.”

God asked me to do it just because I knew as a Christian it was a reasonable expectation of God.

“But God I am too busy. You know I don’t have the time.”

Over the period of several weeks He continued to ask me to be obedient to what I knew was right. I convinced myself that I did not have the time. He didn’t promise me rewards nor did He punish me into submission. He most lovingly asked me just to read His Word daily.

Finally, in January of 1996, I grudgingly said not a firm “Yes“, but a weak “I’ll try.”

Saints, God moved in my life so greatly I can not express it in this short passage. The Holy Spirit became very active in my life. Before long I wanted to draw ever closer to Him. I needed more of His Word. I completed reading the Bible the first time through in August 1996. I had asked the Lord what I should do when I was done. He told me to begin over after I finished the first time. Every aspect of my life kept getting better and better. I began to experience more and more of His great love on a very personal level. I learned what joy unspeakable meant. God’s power was being released into my life through His Word.

Reading the Bible daily does not replace any other Christian discipline. Reading the Bible daily releases the grace of God to actively work in your life each day. Reading the Word daily helps us to understand the nature and character of the Living God. Reading the Word daily helps us to improve all aspects of our Christian walk. Reading the Bible daily releases the promises of God to manifest themselves into our lives.

I have been privileged over the years to see countless lives changed and enriched by the Word of God. It is one thing that never fails. When you take this step the Lord will move in new and marvelous ways in your life. You will never be the same. Your joy will be full and unshakable.

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