The Bible does not really apply to me or our modern world.

The Bible tells us that the heart of man has not really changed just the technology we use.The Bible is God’s written revelation to mankind for eternity. The Bible provides answers and direction for each one of our lives if we will be diligent to read it.

I don’t understand the Bible

Do not worry about initially understanding the Bible. God never commanded anyone to understand His Word. The Bible tells that God gives knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The Holy Spirit will help you to understand. Use a reliable Bible version that is easy for you to read. The Holy Spirit will help you to understand.

I don’t really have the time

You can read through the Bible in one year by taking just 15 minutes each day. Most of us feel we are the busiest person around. While we feel we do not have enough time we all have 24 hours in our day.The truth is that we have a time management problem. See our page How to read the Bible.

What if I miss a day

This is a heart effort of you trying to draw closer to God. If you miss a day pick up where you left off the next day. Just keep at it. There are no dead lines with God.

What is the benefit to me.

As the Word of God begins to work in your heart the promises of God begin manifesting themselves in your life in new & marvelous ways. Remember God is the rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.

If I read the Bible every day can I quit going to church?

No, reading the Bible is not a substitute for church. Reading the Word helps you to understand the nature & character of God drawing you closer to Him. Church is necessary for fellowship, teaching and reaching outward.

What's next?

Once you have read through the Bible start over again. Make daily Bible reading a permanent part of your life. You will discover new revelations from Scripture each time you read it. You will learn how much He loves you personally. Rejoice in Him. God will continue to bless you.
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